Monday, August 22, 2016

Links & summer catchup

So, this has been a huge summer for me. I finished my internship in June (and wow, was that a great & also difficult road to travel with a toddler & a full time job), received my MA in counseling psychology in July, and moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in late July. This move has been a dream of mine since I visited this town seventeen years ago on my honeymoon. I remember thinking that the whole town looked like some kind of fairytale. The old kind of fairytale, though--not all sparkles and happy endings, but rough beauty and rocks and sharp cliffs. And now I live here.

I've had some happy publication news, too. I have a short story up in Smokelong Quarterly, one of my favorite publications.

I also had a poem in Stirring, the first place I ever placed a poem (15 years ago!). I am very happy to have my work appear there again.

A few kind reviews at Goodreads for Almost Dark, but more would help! Also, contact me if you want to review a little quiet horror, New England gothic tale of class & gender & the ghosts of factory jobs and 90's teenagerdom.

Lastly, a pic of my "office":